People driven by people

A fully collaborative way of working with real-time and on-spot doing and decision-making.

Strategy and Leadership

Our consultants expertise ensure that the outputs of the co-creation processes will be strategic for your business.

From half-day to 1 week, or several in a month.

A seamless path for success in co-creation. IDEATORS sits on a 4-stage approach, and more than 50 exercises to rapidly unleash the creative beast in every organizations, group, and individual.

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To fully understand the scope & challenges, context & background, opportunities & threats, goals & benchmark, and every bit of relevant info to solve the problem. Used for the perfect briefing, putting everyone on the same page and updating everyone on various sources of information.

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A great exercise
to define goals and KPIs.

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To creatively explore solutions, scenarios, ideas and generate insights. To literally be co-creative. Brainstorm 2.0, start from quantity over quality, but keeping in mind the outputs from phase 1 - learning - which should always be the north.

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    the table

A personal fav to unlock
creative thinking.

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To fine-tune and further explore initial ideas. To evolve from quantity to quality, from ideas to concepts & strategies.

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A fun way to address decisions
based on available budget.

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Important for planning, road-mapping and defining an execution plan. And when co-creating for product innovation it’s the stage for prototyping and testing.

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    Effort vs
    Impact exercise

A quick dive
assess next steps.

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What can it be used for?

We solve challenges

From processes to company culture, from business development to product innovation, IDEATORS co-creation methodology is always relevant when there’s a clear challenge and the right people in the room.


More than


In 16 different countries
and with more than
25 nationalities.


In 15 different countries and with more than 25 nationalities.

What can you take from this?

Some serious benefits

  • Problem Solving

    All it needs is a challenge
    and the right people in the room.

  • Boost to Creative
    & Strategic Efficiency

    A fully collaborative way of working, making everyone’s expertise count through exercises that help unveiling the creative thinking in everyone.

  • Process

    A dynamic and efficient way of working for real time doing and on-spot decision making. It will save your organisation weeks of meetings and emails.

  • Risk Reduction

    Get everyone on the same page, explore scenarios together, identify hurdles and wrong turns from day one, and reach one voice and long term commitment on-spot.

  • Creative & Collaborative
    Culture Booster

    Its principles and tools empower people for solving future problems, together and creatively. Beyond team building we’re boosting creative confidence within organisations.


Ideators community includes:

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& Testimonials


3-day co-creation session in São Paulo (br) with a multidisciplinary and international team from Nestle, from which 10 new product ideas for the Brazilian market arose.


Ideators offers a human centric approach to innovation, leading the multicompetence teams to create structured and meaningful differentiating solutions for business growth.

Paolo Arancio Strategist, Innovator and Intrapreneur at Nestlé HQ


Beyond helping them with tackling challenges through co-creation we’ve simultaneously been training some of their teams in different geographies, namely; Canada, Colombia and South Africa.


The best partners for unlocking the creative potential of your organisation.

Sebastian Duque Regional Manager for Middle Americas at Dunnhumby

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“No one is better
than the sum of us”

“No one is better
than the sum of us”